5 ways to deal with stress.

There are moments in life where we are stressed out. Sometimes we can’t help but become stressed out no matter how hard we try.

Here are five ways to deal with stress, especially extreme stress.

Avoid alcohol;

Stay away from it! It will only cloud your judgment.

Meditation or Exercise;

These activities will help to relax you and drain away those bad energies surrounding you.

Alternatively you could read a book or watch one of your favourite films, an activity that will release you from reality. But if your stress contains pent up anger I would recommend exercise, a good run will force the energy to drain from you. With that gone your head will be clearer and therefore judgment.

Talk it out.

A good rant sometimes can make everyone feel a bit better. Recommend to try first. You can also receive some god advice that can help you change whatever it is you are stressed out about, or even change your way of thinking about it.

Take control.

Probably one of the most important steps which also takes courage. Change whatever it is that is stressing you out so it doesn’t anymore. Or take steps to make the change to. Changing your perspective can shift the stress or even coming up with resolutions for the stressful situation.


Fight the stress with positivity. If you can try and remain with a positive outlook while under stress it will help you to get through it and conquer it.


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