Five Ideas to ‘better’ yourself.

There are many ideas out there for bettering and improving yourself, but here are five ideas that will greatly improve your life.

1. Eat Healthier;


Easier said than done for many people. But eating healthier can not only make a difference to your health but the way you feel. If you’re eating and drinking the right amount of foods, you should feel great and beat that sugar slump, or that coffee crash. Eating healthier doesn’t always mean cutting out foods you love that aren’t great for you. It means cutting them down considerably. I suggest a good amount of research into this goal. Certain foods you think are healthy, aren’t always in great amounts.


2. Improve your cooking skills;


Now this is something we can all keep doing. No matter what you’re interested in, none of that is going to help you when you’re hungry, only your cooking skills. Not only does it mean you’re spoilt for choice when you learn new dishes and recipes, but you can impress friends, family, your lover or potential lover. It is an attractive skill to have and master.


3. Be more positive;

Being more positive will not only improve your mental state, but it will have good impact on your relationships and life choices. You will be overall a more content and productive person. When you are positive, you will see good in everything and that will attract people to you, as that is what is more appealing to people. Therefore, you will also begin to attract new opportunities. If you are forever picking out the bad in the world, all you will see is suffering and be forever unhappy. I am not saying you can’t be stressed out or under pressure at the same time as being positive. But you can change your attitude. Positivity is a type of attitude. You can feel sorry for yourself, or you can get out there and show people you love life and are making the most of it.


4. Read more;

Reading more will obviously teach you new things and broaden your knowledge, but it will also generate new perspectives within you. It enables you to challenge your views, own ideas and knowledge. It can improve your creativity and generally nurture your own soul/give you a break from reality.


5. Have more fun. Do more;

Go out and enjoy life more, whether that means travelling and exploring new countries, cities or towns or just spending more time with the people in life you care about. Nurture yourself and give yourself more love. Maybe fun is also being creative in some way or watching your favourite TV shows or movies. Or even trying new things like skydiving or bungee jumping. This will boost your contentment, happiness, sense of self-worth and improve your self growth.


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