Maintain compassion without judgment.

We all judge people. Sometimes we can’t help it. It feels natural like we should be doing it, because we are often comparing them to ourselves. Whether it’s their attitude, something they have said or done or their lifestyle. We must remember that it is not our place to judge another person. They have a different journey to go on. We all have different life journey’s to go on, so they will not be the same as us. We must maintain our compassion for people and their own choices. We must remember that we only see a small part of a person, their persona. We are complex as humans. We don’t know what emotional battles people are facing or how they are really feeling. We are not them and we certainly aren’t mind readers.

Every person is facing their own life obstacles so we must remember to accept the differences between all of us and be compassionate about it. We are on a spiritual journey, we are learning about our own true self and we learn from all our decisions and mistakes in life. Sometimes we must face an obstacle for that reason, to learn. Or make a bad decision to learn another life lesson. That is why I ask you to hold back your judgment and remember this when ever you catch yourself judging someone, even in your mind. You may find that by not judging a person for their life choices and befriending them, you may not only really connect with each other as friends, you might learn a lot more about yourself, your own journey and what you want in Life. They may enlighten you. But you will or would never know if you are constantly judging them because they are different to you. Difference is great, it’s evolution after all.

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