You hold the power over your life. Do not forget that.

Today I had a conversation with an older man, who was having a bad day and feeling a bit sorry for himself. He was talking about a young successful dart player who had ‘everything going for him’, but all I could hear was him talking about how he had everything because he had money and success. He must have had a good, supportive ‘background’ both emotionally and financially and that was why he was successful he explained.

I began to explain that he was probably doing what he loved and that’s exactly why he was talented and successful at it. That he was probably passionate about it. A perfect example to open up your eyes wide to people who think they can’t do what they want in life or be successful because they don’t have all of these things like; money or external support financially and emotionally. This man was playing the victim.

Feeling frustrated I calmly stated that it does not matter what support you have behind you, you are in control of your life and always have choices, that it was all about having the right attitude and mind-set. Still this man insisted it was because he had a ‘better’ background/upbringing.

I knew I would not get through to him, so I said my piece and I left reflecting, amazed at such a closed mind-set about how and why people are ‘successful’ –  ‘have lots of money.’ I thought about how people put so many limitations on what they can achieve, simply because they believe they can’t before they have even tried. I didn’t particularly think that this mans view of success and happiness as having lots of money was healthy either.

Successful people have obviously worked very hard to get where they are and I don’t see them doing that without being passionate about what they do. They have faced failure, self-doubt, de-motivation and took risks just like most of us do too. They never give up and that’s what separates them from people like this man. I wish I could have enlightened him, but some lessons we have to experience and learn from ourselves. How are we ever going to enhance our self growth if we do not think we can?

You hold the power over your life. Do not forget that.

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