Why you should filter the advice you get from people

It is ideal to get and take advice in life whether or not it is free from others. Experts, Family, Friends and Acquaintances. It can help us and we shouldn’t let pride get in the way and think we can do it all on our own, when it can help. But we must remember to filter that advice, because not all advice is good.

Do not ignore your own judgement when taking and listening to advice. Your own judgment is what filters out the bad. Just because you are accepting advice, it does not mean you have to rule out what you think. Your intuition is also key to listen to, so you know in yourself what advice feels right and wrong. Going against your judgment and going with any advice is essentially going against you. You listen to your own judgement throughout your entire life, it is a part of you and helps you make your life decisions. The only person you can trust with your life decisions is you and therefore, all advice should be filtered through your judgment, to find good ideas and make good decisions.

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