Doubt and Opinions; When you should and should not listen to them.

Doubt is a double-edged sword. I can’t say do not listen to it because you need to use your judgment to make a good decision. But your doubting your judgment so it’s a bit of a paradox really. If you are doubting your own decisions that you have made or are going to make, listen up! You need to re-evaluate. Something is not right. If it feels wrong then it probably is. Sometimes we make a decision, something shifts and it’s no longer ideal for us. Listening to your intuition is important. However, if doubt is caused from external forces – people, then be careful. Just question it and see if what they are saying feels right with your own judgment. Everyone has an agenda when they say something or do something. To be kind, helpful, understanding etc. But others may purposely manipulate and influence you to doubt your decision through envy or jealousy, or other negative emotions. Now if you have people in your life that repeatedly do this, or realise you have, then they are not good for you or your self growth, they need to go! Remember that we are all human, every now and again a friend may get jealous of something you own or have achieved that they don’t have. So this can really happen. Often it can be easy to spot and by human error like impulse rather than absolute intention. But do not over analyse! There is no need to if you have good people surrounding you. Just watch out for doubt traps! For more on decision-making, check out my ‘Making Decisions – the easiest way to’ post.


2 thoughts on “Doubt and Opinions; When you should and should not listen to them.

  1. Thank you for the insightful post! I try to listen to the advice and opinions of anyone who shares them. Then it’s ultimately my decision to either take the advice or see it as something that adds to unnecessary doubt.

    It’s like any thought that enters our mind. We have the choice to accept it as true and allow it to bring us closer to our goal, or to dismiss it as something that won’t.

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    • Thank you Joe! I listen to as much advice as I can also! I agree, lovely bit of insight there. It is ultimately our own judgment that can take us on a clear journey to our goals or steer us off the road. Thanks for sharing on Twitter! I hope you stay around to check out future posts!


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