How to get to sleep easily.

If you’re one of these people that find it hard to sleep or just want to fall asleep more easily and silence your active and awake mind then meditation can help you. I use meditation mostly to drift off to sleep afterwards. But I enjoy doing it and successfully get to sleep. It’s very easy to meditate – anyone can do it and I find it very effective.

Sometimes our minds can keep us awake because we have so much to think about, whether it be because we are so busy or our mind has slight anxiety about certain life situations. By meditating you silence your mind by focusing on either the silence or anything you are using to meditate. Doing this calms that voice inside your head, almost as if you’ve sent it to sleep before you even are. While doing meditation, your entire body relaxes and it’s as if you are almost paralysed by choice, much like when you are asleep your body is like this, very relaxed and mostly still. It is most effective to obviously meditate in bed so when you are feeling very relaxed, you can finish, turn over and drift off into sleep.

The relaxation of meditation benefits you in more ways than just helping you sleep, simply because it’s as if you’ve drained out all of the minds anxieties about your life and you are left with you, the true, real you. It improves you health as it will improve your mood to one of more positivity and by doing so you are attracting this. So it’s great to use it in daily wakefulness too.

But I highly recommend you try this!

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