5 Signs you should/could be an Entrepreneur

Here are five signs you could be an entrepreneur in disguise:

Consistent desire to create and achieve and accomplish/Driven.
You aren’t satisfied unless you are chasing a goal or dream and achieve it. You have the consistent urge to do this and it just doesn’t go away. You are driven. a key ingredient of entrepreneurship and success.

You wonder about everything. You question everything. You love learning and increasing your knowledge and gaining new perspectives. You are inquisitive, you are curious. You need to be curious to learn when you are an entrepreneur, as your journey involves discovery and growth to success.

You love organisation.
You love being organised. Without it you can not function. You organise for purpose, it shows you care and are passionate about your purpose. Passion is the driving force of desire, of goals and dreams. Organisation is an ultimate entrepreneur skill.

You think and imagine a lot about life and what you want for your future, coming up with all sorts of original ideas. You are a vivid thinker. A mental asset and entrepreneurial trait for achieving success.

You feel out of place.
You feel different to the majority of others, like you do not fit in. You want to experience and know so much more than others. Sometimes you can come across as eccentric when explaining your thoughts, ideas or beliefs. Hey they say “no great genius ever existed without a touch of madness.” Entrepreneurs often feel different to others because they simply are.


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