Change is Inevitable.

Change is evolution, it is a part of life and a part of self growth. We can either choose to fear it or embrace it. It isn’t always an easy journey as we know. Big change often comes at a time of great darkness in our life, which makes it all the more scary and fearful. A caterpillar lays in it’s cocoon in the darkness, it changes, it grows and it’s transformed into a beautiful butterfly, where it spreads it’s newly found wings and flies. Like the caterpillar lives and prepares for change, it is the courage and determination in us to grow that eases change and that creates it.

Just remember that what is meant to be will be. Change is possible to allow you to follow and maintain your own desired life path and that even if it’s painful, it is there to strengthen you. So keep your head up, embrace your future, the change and focus on you right now! 🙂


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