5 ways to increase creativity.


1. Brainstorming.

Brainstorming is classic, something we learnt when we were young at school. But it really is an effective way to come up with ideas and boost creativity. By Brainstorming you can categorise themes, then topics and then different perspectives or areas of topics and find new ideas. It’s an effective way of breaking it down into bits, making it clearer for you to think about.

2. Look at things or people that inspire you.

An obvious choice – when we are inspired – it awakens our creativity, gets us feeling creative and often evokes new compelling ideas as a result. Inspiration makes us feel positive, like being better, like doing more. Eventually the ideas should start flowing.

3. Let your mind wander.

This is ideal to do a lot of the time and often we do anyway while day dreaming. Be sure to have a notebook and pen always with you, so you can write all your ideas down. Alternatively you can sit or lay in silence and think about your area of work and let your mind just drift. Sometimes it will come to you naturally without over thinking it, because the pressure isn’t there to have new ideas. It’s just like an exercise and feels more relaxing, so thoughts can just flow.

4. Spend time looking at other peoples creative and artistic work.

Spending time looking at other peoples articles, projects, productions or whatever it is not only will inspire you, but give you an appreciation that allows you to see qualities in that work, that you like or that you have critique about – which will bring about new ideas.

5. Bounce ideas around with someone you know.

Bouncing around ideas with someone you know can really help! They may see a different perspective or angle that you don’t. This is because we are all different and are slightly influenced by the environment we have experienced – from our personal point of view. Just be sure to let them know it’s for your work and you’ll be using it. (Don’t steal ideas).

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