Good Deed; Complete one spontaneous act today of your choice.

Give yourself some instant happiness today by carrying out one spontaneous act of your choice! Whatever you desire in that moment!

Acting without plans and expectations often give us some of our most cherished memories, because there were no built up expectations, just the desire to do something and the happiness in doing it. When your spontaneous you are acting on impulse and your desires right in that very moment, you are incredibly present with presence and that is why it is so thrilling and we find great joy in spontaneity. Though plans are good, have advantages and are needed for some parts of our life, we also need a little spontaneity. It’s like giving ourselves instant happiness; we have instant control over it and we grow with the experience of it.

A spontaneous trip to a theme park, last-minute plans for drinks or dinner or an adventure to another city. No matter how big or small. Just do it!


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