Good Deed; Look for the best in a bad situation.

Hello lovely readers. Daily Deed is back!

Today’s daily deed is to look for the best in a bad situation. It can be hard sometimes to see the positives when we are in a situation that we do not like, makes us feel uncomfortable or makes us feel fed up because it is just another obstacle. Well do yourself a favour today and try to look at positives in the situation, like what it will help you learn and what it teaches you. Every situation is just another experience to help us grow and learn more about ourselves.For example, if you’ve had a disagreement with your friend and now it is awkward and there is tension. The good in this is you’ve learned more about that friend and what upsets them, a better understanding of their morality, what makes them sensitive, how you can approach that differently next time or a similar time so you don’t upset them again. Or in any extremely bad situations, it might be a case of learning to forgive, or let go or even gain more courage to make a big change in your life. It’s a type of self love you can offer yourself.

Whatever it is, looking at the situation with a positive mindset will not only make you feel better but resolve the situation quicker and keep your energy and health good.


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