Go with the flow to be happy.

I’ve always liked the idea of opening a word document and just writing. Seeing where I decide to take these words, this paragraph. Like going with the flow. Life is quite beautiful when you just go with the flow. There’s no expectations, no worries or anticipation of any kind of situation or event. You just experience it and let it go. I feel like this is an element of being happy. Being at peace with yourself and not letting any energy get trapped inside you, instead it just flows in and out keeping you fresh, instead of harbouring stale energy and feeling stuck. I feel like this is a key element of change too and understand why it can be difficult for a person to change their perspective or their situation. It isn’t always easy. At least that’s what the ego says. But your soul, your heart speaks in silence and you know what it says. It just takes courage, because you know that it knows what’s best for you. If you just follow that, you follow your flow. There has to be persistence though, to control your mind and stay in the moment, stay conscious. To be your true self.

Desire can often be the cause of disruption to the flow. It is such a strong feeling that it can sometimes be hard to determine whether it’s ego greed or true self-growth and it’s up to us to figure out what it is. So learn, grow and go with the flow.

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